Doctor Weyrich continues his discussion of "What is Truth?" by discussing the perils of politicizing science in the USSR and USA.
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Truth Stands on Its Own

True "truth" does not require government, media, or corporate enforcement, nor protection by censorship from competing ideas.

Freedom in a democratic constitutional republic depends on the free exchange and discussion of all ideas.

Because of active government, media, and/or corporate suppression of "wrong-think/mis-information," treat all information about vaccines, climate, elections, racism, history, gender, guns, conspiracies, etc. with the same skepticism that you would information from Pravda, Isvestia, Joseph Goebbels, or the Ministry of Truth.

Because of demonstrable partisan bias in the media, assume that what comes from "mainstream" outlets is intended to mislead, distract, or otherwise manipulate, until independently proven otherwise.

For the same reason, assume that topics the "mainstream" outlets avoid or suppress contain a truth that they find uncomfortable or contrary to their agenda, until independently proven otherwise. Lack of coverage does not prove irrelevance. Refusal to allow investigation or discussion of a topic suggests a cover-up of uncomfortable truths.

Transparency can prove lack of malfeasance; lack of transparency suggests the possibility of malfeasance.

Always follow the money and power; ask whose ox is being gored and whose agenda benefits from any given "truth" that is presented or hidden.

Don't trust me either - do your own critical thinking and fact checking. Consider the adequacy and reliability of the sources upon which I base my own opinions, and the reasonableness of my own thought processes.

Lysenkoism, Space Aliens and the Politicization of Science

A precedent for the consequences of the politicization of science can be found in the history of Lysenkoism in the old Soviet Union, which is reported in Go to Wikipedia articleWikipedia article and Go to peer-reviewed PubMed article.peer-reviewed PubMed article. These articles illustrate the devastating consequences of the politicization of science™

But the politicization of science is not limited to the old Soviet Union. Dr. Michiel Creighton, a scientific writer with degrees in Anthropology and Medicine from Harvard University, discusses the growing problem in the United States in his dead-serious but humerously titled essay Go to "Aliens Cause Global Warming.""Aliens Cause Global Warming."

Additional resources on the subject include:

The point of the above discourse is not intended to be the final word on whether the "global warming crisis" is real or just a politically useful tool. Certainly we should probe for political motivation in ALL calls to address "crises" without thinking the issue through by public debate of all points of view.

But more to the current point, we all need to consider how much of the current COVID-19 crisis is real science™ and how much is merely an exercise in political exploitation of a manufactured crisis. Our health and prosperity truly depend on our discernment of what is truth from what is only politically useful.

Attempts by "opinion makers" and "the Internet ministry of truth" to cut off public debate by claiming that certain opinions are "settled science™" while competing opinions are "dangerous misinformation that must be suppressed" must be rejected by any democratic society that depends on a fully informed electorate.

As Thomas Jefferson observed in 1781: "It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors?"