The Symbolism of Our Logo

The logo used to represent our naturopathic medical practice is a blending of three separate symbols of healing, power, and balance:

Together, these symbols combine to produce an effect similar to another ancient symbol, the Go to CaduceusCaduceus - a winged staff upon which two (not one) serpents entwine. This alchemical symbol represents the mythological Greek figure Hermes. The Caduceus is mostly used to represent the publishing industry, but is sometimes associated with the medical arts.

About the Web Site Design

The artwork on this web site was created by Dr. Weyrich. All HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, and Perl code used to produce this web site was coded by Dr. Weyrich. The main web site is hosted by Go to

An important feature of this web site is its ability to adapt to the preferences of viewers. Rather than using a fixed layout, the web pages rearrange themselves to accommodate the size of the viewing window chosen by the viewer. In addition, the font size can be adjusted for maximal viewing comfort. This results in a somewhat less controlled presentation which may offend the sensibilities of graphic design artists, but which favors usability by our patients.

We hope you enjoy our web site, and invite your comments.

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