Office Visits

Dr. Weyrich provides services in Payson, Phoenix, and Scottsdale AZ.

To make an appointment with Dr. Weyrich please call Call (888) 391-0414 (888) 391-0414 (main number)

or Call (480) 766-6007 (480) 766-6007 (backup number 1)

or Call (928) 474-7409 (928) 474-7409 (backup number 2)

4 Health and Wellness
404 W Main Street
Payson AZ 85541
(just west of the fire station - turn north at the crosswalk sign and go up the driveway to the top level)

Telephone Consultations

Dr. Weyrich is pleased to offer the convenience of telephone consultations to current patients and prospective patients living in AZ, and persons living in AZ desiring to talk about general medical concerns.

This saves the cost of transportation to and from Dr. Weyrich's office, and offers the convenience of evening and weekend hours. It also allows prospective patients to determine whether they wish to schedule an office visit.

If you have had an in-person visit with Dr. Weyrich at one of his offices in the past year, then Dr. Weyrich can offer many of the same services via telephone that he offers in person.

Current rate for telephone consultations is $25/15 minutes; paperwork, research time, etc are billed at an addition $25/15 minutes of Dr. Weyrich's time.

State licensing laws prohibit Dr. Weyrich from practicing medicine across state lines, or with patients without prior physical contact.

However, general education and coaching is available to out-of-state clients, but no diagnosis or treatment plan can be offered.