Dr. Orville Weyrich, Jr, PhD, NMD and Dr. Robert Gear, Jr, NMD, DC are proud to announce that they have recently completed training in the use of the MyoVision system and have secured use of this special equipment at Payson Health and Wellness Center.

This system allows the objective quantification and documentation of spinal pain and soft tissue injury. The MyoVision system was developed by a NASA-trained scientist, and is considered the "gold standard" by the American Medical Association; the Florida Supreme Court has also acknowledged it as valid.

It helps provide answers to questions like:

This information is essential to doctors and patients who need to objectively document, when combined with appropriate clinical testing, to third party payors (insurance companies, workman's comp, medical examiners, etc) the best plan for further treatment, or that no further treatment is indicated.

The system works by combining dynamic measurement of joint motion (using a dual inclinometer) with simultaneous dynamic measurements (in microvolts) of paraspinal and/or sternocleidomastoid muscle activity. (I.e., surface electromyogram similar to recording of cardiac muscle contractions in microvolts with ECG).

The graphical presentation of the results provides definitive evidence of ligament pain resulting in muscle guarding, fasciculations, and/or abnormal muscle recruitment that cannot be "faked", thereby providing insight into the nature of the currently remaining problems.

For more information, please see the MyoVision FAQ.

Call to make an appointment to find out how Dr. Weyrich and Dr. Gear can help you. Complete MyoVision testing of cervical and lumbar flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation, including a color print-out of the data and a 15 minute oral review is $75, while a written interpretive report is an additional cost (depending on the level of detail required), payable at time of service (no contingency or liens accepted).