Recently I was at a continuing medical education diner seminar. I happened to sit at the same table as a pediatrician, who immediately upon learning that I was a Naturopathic Medical Doctor proceeded to tell me how I was doing irreparable harm to children by telling their parents not to vaccinate. She didn't ask me what I actually tell parents. Eventually the conversation turned to the subject of treating Attention Deficit Disorder and Autism.

I explained that controlling gut dysbiosis was critical to treating these disorders. She then expressed disbelief that gut flora could possibly affect mental activity. The educational program started and I never had a chance to explain, but this conversation has bothered me ever since.

Just to set the record straight for this nameless doctor as well as anyone else with similar questions, consider the following:

While it may be argued that these observations have not been verified with a p=0.05 confidence level in a placebo-controlled double-blind clinical trial, it must be considered reasonable to treat both clostridial and fungal dysbiosis when evidence is presented that they are occurring. Simple urine tests such as the Organic Acid Test exist that can reveal metabolites of these dysbiotic organisms and provide the evidence needed.