Test Overview of MetaMetrix ION Panel

The MetaMetrix ION tests are a specially-priced bundle of tests described elsewhere on this web site.

Test Indications of MetaMetrix ION Panel

These tests include many individual measurements that are useful in Functional Medicine, and are great for an annual evaluation of functional health, or a good starting point for searching for the underlying cause of specific complaints that have failed a conventional medical approach to evaluation and treatment.

Many insurance plans view this test suite as a "screening tool" and therefore will not reimburse. This is an unfortunate aspect of the managed health care model embraced by the US Government (Medicare/ObamaCare) and major insurance companies, especially HMOs. If you want this standard of care, it is best to choose a high-deductible insurance plan to cover major medical, and use the premium savings to fund your own Health Care Savings Account where you can choose how to spend your health-care dollars for preventative and routine medical care.

References regarding MetaMetrix ION Panel

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