Test Overview of Complete Blood Count (CBC) Panel

Primary screening test given to new patients and annually thereafter.

Test Indications of Complete Blood Count (CBC) Panel

  • New patient.
  • Annual physical.
  • Pre-operative.

Sample Collection for Complete Blood Count (CBC) Panel

  1. Requires 5 mL Lavender-top (EDTA) tube (or microtainer for infants).
  2. Invert 6 times after drawing to prevent clotting.
  3. Protect sample from extreme heat or cold; submit to lab within 24 hours.

Your doctor or lab may have different instructions that supersede the above.

CPT CODES for Complete Blood Count (CBC) Panel

85025 Standard automatic differential count.
85027 Manual differential if warranted.
85007 Manual differential if warranted.

Labs Performing Complete Blood Count (CBC) Panel Test

Name of LabLab CodeEstimated CostProcessing TimeComments
SonoraQuest 3000 1 day 
SonoraQuest 35811 1 dayAlso includes Metabolic Panel. Also need 5 mL separator tube.

Costs cited are subject to change and may be reduced by insurance or cash discounts and increased by sample collection fees.

Theory of Complete Blood Count (CBC) Panel








RDW (Red Cell Distribution Count)

Platelet Count

MPV (Mean Platelet Volume)

Neutrophil Count

Lymphocyte Count

Monocyte Count

Eosinophil Count

Basophil Count

Neutrophil %

Lymphocyte %

Monocyte %

Eosinophil %

Basophil %

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