Herb originally from Europe, useful in treating chronic kidney disease. Possible modes of action include: Diuretic, Antiaging, Antihypertensive, Circulatory stimulant, Rejuvenative, Stimulant, Tonic.

Binomial Synonyms

  • Tribulus terrestris Linn [Herbpathy]

Other Common Names

  • Small Caltrops [Herbs of Commerce]
  • Land Caltrops [Herbpathy]
  • Calthrops [Herbpathy]
  • Caltrop [Herbpathy]
  • Land Calotrops [Herbpathy]
  • Land Caltrops [Herbpathy]
  • Puncturevine Caltrop [Herbs of Commerce]
  • Puncture Vine [Herbpathy]
  • Puncture Weed [Herbpathy]
  • Bullhead [Herbpathy]
  • Cat Head [Herbpathy]
  • Cats Head [Herbpathy]
  • Cathead [Herbpathy]
  • Devil Thorn [Herbpathy]
  • Devil's Thorn [Herbpathy]
  • Devil's Eyelashes [Herbpathy]
  • Devil's Weed [Herbpathy]
  • Goat Head [Herbpathy]
  • Goathead [Herbpathy]
  • Mexican Sand Bur [Herbpathy]
  • Mexican Sandbur [Herbpathy]
  • Tackweed [Herbpathy]
  • Waterchest nut [Herbpathy]

Pinyin Names

  • ji li (fruit) [Herbs of Commerce]
  • bai ji li [Herbpathy]
  • ci ji li [Herbpathy]
  • yu chi li [Herbpathy]

Ayurvedic Names

  • gokshura [Herbs of Commerce]
  • gokharu [Herbpathy]
  • chota gokharu [Herbpathy]