Marijuana is classified by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency as a "Schedule I" drug, which means that the U.S. government denies any proven medicinal use for the plant. However, many states have used the 9th and 10th Amendments of the U.S.Constitution to enact various "medical marijuana" laws that allow usage on non-federal lands within the state. Each state that allows medical marijuana enumerates a list of medical conditions for which medical marijuana may be helpful. Dr. Weyrich makes no recomendation regarding the use of medical marijuana.

This area of law is rapidly changing; consult authoritative sources within your state for more information.

Binomial Synonyms

  • Cannabis sativa L. ssp. indica (Lam.) F.. Small & Cronquist [Herbs of Commerce]
  • Cannabis indica Lam. [Herbs of Commerce]
  • Cannabis sativa L. ssp. sativa [Herbs of Commerce]

Other Common Names

  • Indian Hemp [Herbs of Commerce, pg 32]
  • Marijuana [Herbs of Commerce, pg 32]

Pinyin Names

  • da ma [Herbs of Commerce, pg 32]
  • huo ma ren [Herbs of Commerce, pg 32]

Ayurvedic Names

  • bhanga [Herbs of Commerce, pg 32]
  • vijaya [Herbs of Commerce, pg 32]