Herb originally from India and Brazil, useful in treating chronic kidney disease. Possible modes of action include: Diuretic, Antihypertensive, Circulatory stimulant, Rejuvenative.

Binomial Synonyms

  • Boerhavia repens L.
  • Boerhavia adscendens [herbpathy]
  • Boerhavia caespitosa [herbpathy]
  • Boerhavia cilatobracteata [herbpathy]
  • Boerhavia friesii [herbpathy]
  • Boerhaavia diffusa [https://www.favorfinesse.com/hhpunarnava.shtml]

Other Common Names

  • Angina
  • Spreading Hogweed [Herbs of Commerce]
  • Spreading Hog Weed [herbpathy]
  • Spreading Hoogweed [herbpathy]
  • Blunt Leaved Hogweed [herbpathy]
  • Red Hogweed [herbpathy]
  • Creeping Siderling [herbpathy]
  • Red Spiderling [herbpathy]
  • Fowl's Lice [herbpathy]
  • Horse Purslene [herbpathy]
  • Tar Vine [herbpathy]
  • Tarvine [herbpathy]
  • Bredo de Porco [herbpathy]
  • Boerhaavia [https://www.favorfinesse.com/hhpunarnava.shtml]

Pinyin Names

  • huang xi xin [herbpathy]

Ayurvedic Names

  • punarnava [Herbs of Commerce]