The Apeiron Supplementation Genomics Report looks at the genes that affect your body's micronutrient needs and handling, i.e. how much of the various types of vitamins and minerals your body needs. Questions that are answered by this report include what is your genetic propensity for how much, and what kind of each of the following vitamins and minerals?

The good news is that answers to the above questions only identify what your statistical probabilities are for problems in the various areas. It is necessary to correlate the above propensities with your actual clinical symptoms (complaints) and laboratory values. But the biggest value in knowing the answers to the above questions is that it can guide precise epigenetic interventions (treatments) that specifically target the problem areas, rather than taking "shotgun" advice like "if you have this complaint, then some people have found that this prescription/treatment/supplement/herb will help; we don't know what will help you, but lets throw some mud on the wall and see what sticks; you have the following diagnosis, so let's prescribe the drug that the FDA and your insurance company has approved for this diagnosis."