Earthing is an ancient Ayuvedic technique for electrically connecting oneself to the energy of the ground. This energy arises from the movement of electrons in the ionosphere, which creates a natural global resonance of about 8 cycles per second (Hz). This energy is healing and restorative. Earthing is especially beneficial to use while sleeping.

The benefits of Earthing have recently been brought to the attention on westerners by the book Go to Earthing. Earthing.

Dr. Weyrich has personally found the following products to be especially useful (many more products are available):

Benefits attributed to Earthing include:

Some people notice the benefit of using Earthing products immediately; others find the effect to be more subtle and to take several weeks to notice a difference. This effect may also vary by location due to variations in housing construction and local sources of electromagnetic force (EMF).

One amusing anecdote that Dr. Weyrich observed was when taking a rubber grounding-mat to a homebound patient who had a cat. The cat approached the mat on the floor, placed one paw on it and quickly withdrew its paw with a "meow". The cat approached the mat several more times more cautiously, and then proceeded to sit directly on the mat. Sometimes animals are more sensitive to energy fields than people are.