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Differential Diagnosis of Foot Pain

The differential diagnosis of foot pain includes the following:
  • Sprain
  • Strain
  • Fracture

Treatment of Foot Pain

  • Acupuncture:
    • GB-41 (Distal junction #4 and #5 metatarsals, lateral to tendon)
    • GB-42 (Neuralgia - intermittent foot pain) [Chaitow1984, pg 37].
    • K-3 [Chaitow1984, pg 35].
    • K-9 (5/15 from K-3 to poplitieal)
    • Sp-05 (Divit anterioinferior to medial malleolus)
    • St-44 (Web margin between toes #2 and #3) [Chaitow1984, Pg 35].
    • St-36
    • UB-39 (Lateral to UB-40, medial border tendon)
    • UB-56 (Midway between UB-55 and UB-57, between gastroc bellies)
    • UB-60 [Chaitow1984, pg 35].
    • LI-4 (corresponding arm point of the medial foot) [Backer2010, pg 132].
    • SJ-3 (corresponding arm point of the lateral foot) [Backer2010, pg 132].
    • SJ-5 (corresponding arm point of the dorsal foot and anterior lower leg) [Backer2010, pg 132].
    • Liv-2 [Chaitow1984, pg 35].
    • Liv-3 [Chaitow1984, pg 35].
    • Auricular: Toe, Ankle, Adrenal, Shenmen, Occiput, Subcortex [Chaitow1984, pg 35].
    • Auricular (for neuralgia - Intermittent Pain): Shenmen, Sympathetic, Toe, Ankle [Chaitow1984, pg 37].

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