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Differential Diagnosis of Arm Pain

The differential diagnosis of arm pain includes the following:
  • Sprain
  • Strain
  • Fracture

Treatment of Arm Pain

  • Acupuncture:
    • Lu-2 (pain of chest, shoulder, arm).
    • Lu-3 (pain of upper arm).
    • Lu-5 (pain of shoulder, upper arm, tennis elbow, hand - relaxes sinews and activates channel [PIHMA]).
    • Lu-6 (pain of elbow & upper arm).
    • St-41 & St-4 (corresponding leg point of dorsum of hand and outer arm) [Backer2010, pg 132].
    • Sp-6 (corresponding leg point of palm of hand and inner arm) [Backer2010, pg 132].
    • LI-4 (local point of upper extremity) [Backer2010, pg 128].
    • LI-11 (local point of upper extremity) [Backer2010, pg 128].
    • LI-15 (local point of upper extremity) [Backer2010, pg 128].
    • Huatuo Jiaji C4-T1 (distal points) [Backer2010, pg 128].

References for Arm Pain