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Overview of Coccygodynia

Coccygodynia is a pain syndrome of the rectal, and perineal areas that is due to injury to the coccyx.

Signs and Symptoms of Coccygodynia

  • Tenderness is mostly elicited by motion of the coccyx (as opposed to palpation of the levator ani).

Etiology of Coccygodynia

  • Injury to the coccyx
  • Dislocation of the coccyx
  • Arachnoiditis
  • Spasm of muscles inserting or originating at coccyx

Differential Diagnosis of Coccygodynia

  • Coccygodynia (tenderness elicited by coccygeal motion)
  • Degenerative disease of the lumbosacral spine.

Treatment of Coccygodynia

A dislocation of the coccyx should be reduced by bi-manual manipulation with a finger in the rectum.

See proctalgia fugaux for additional treatment modalities.

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