[PHOTO] Computer Skills

I began my computer programming career in 1979 while I was working on my Ph.D. dissertation in Chemistry, and I needed to fit some non-linear regression models to my data. The TI-59 calculator I started out programming was too limited, so I taught myself FORTRAN and began taking upper-level classes in Computer Science. Two decades later, I have a broad base of computer skills, as summarized below:

Programming Languages

Pascal: 6 years
C: 4 years
C++: 3 years
FORTRAN: 3 years
Visual Basic: 2 years
Java: 2 years
Perl: 2 years
Prolog: 2 years
Tcl/tk: 1 year
COBOL: 1 year
Ada: 1 year
JavaScript: 4 months
PHP: 3 months
XML: 2 months

Operating Systems

UNIX: 12 years
MS-DOS/Windows 3.1: 9 years
OS/2: 7 years
Windows NT: 4 years
VAX/VMS: 3 years
PDP-11/RSX: 2 years
CP/M: 2 years
Novell NetWare: 1 year

Specialized Domains

Internet: 12 years
Semiconductor Manufacturing: 4 years
Artificial Intelligence: 4 years
Database: 3 years
Control Systems: 2 years
Testing/QA: 2 years

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