Dr. Gear was invited to appear on the KPAZ Channel 21 Phoenix Trinity Broadcasting Network's weekday program, "Joy In Our Town"
Doctor Gear on YouTube.

For a week in May, 2008, Dr. Gear, and his son, Dr. Robert L.Gear III, DO, were asked to present his Manipulative (Non-Invasive) Surgery techniques to the Therapists and Physicians at the King Faisal Specialists Hospital at the request of the Prince Salman Center for Disability Research in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The link below opens the narrative of the training presented in a new browser window.

Patient Testamonials on YouTube

Recovering from both Neck and Back pain challenges.
Mother and daughter both needed the relief they each now have experienced.
Carl comments after seeing Dr. Gear for 7 months.
Weight loss, and also Chiropractic relief from a car accident.
Michelle explains her appreciation of Dr. Gear's care for her.
Jan's pleasing short testimony of her current recovery status from her serious low back pain.
Oralena and Fiance - Video taken in 2014 using an old Samsung. Still a great, and enthusiastic testimonial by each of them.