This edition of Doctor's House-call will air live on KMOG radio between 5pm and 6pm MST (Arizona Time) on March 22, 2022.

Listen live in Payson Arizona at FM103.3, AM1420, or on the Internet at

During the live program, you can call in and be a part of the show at phone number +1 (928) 474-2427.

After the show, you can leave questions or comments on Dr. Weyrich's voice-mail at phone number +1 (888) 391-0414; doing so implies consent for Dr. Weyrich to play your question or comment on a subsequent show (unless you specificaly request that Dr. Weyrich not do that). Please specify that this is a question for Doctor's House-call on KMOG. Optionally, you can also leave a call-back number for Dr. Weyrich to call you to clarify your question or to answer you off-the-air. Dr. Weyrich will never give out your phone number or identity on the air. (However, if you are a live caller, Dr. Weyrich cannot prevent what you say from going on the air.)

After the show you can also call Dr. Weyrich's office to schedule an appointment or free 15 minute consultation at phone number +1 (928) 474-7409.

In this live broadcast of Doctor's House-call on KMOG radio, Dr. Orville Weyrich, Jr NMD PhD and host Mike Farrell may present short segments on the following topics (subject to change as the live show unfolds):
  1. Review of Last Broadcast
  2. Listener Question: Cellular Nutrition
  3. Testing Cellular Nutritional Status
  4. Manipulative Surgery

YouTube Link coming soon! For now, enjoy the links to our source material below.