Doctors Gear and Weyrich discuss with a Parkinson's Disease Patient his dramatic roll-back in symptoms without side-effect-producing drugs.
Doctors Weyrich and Gear discuss Anti-aging, Telomeres and Biological Age, and the Cycles of Life.

Summary of Doctors Weyrich and Gear's comments on "The Cycles of Life"

In the Disney movie "Lion King," there is a song about the Go to "Circle of Life.""Circle of Life." However, there is not ONE circle of life, but many. Dr. Weyrich will talk a bit about some of the more important circles. These are all "cyclical rhythms of life."

A cyclical rhythm is anything in the body or environment that goes up and down at a more or less fixed speed. The speed of each different cyclical rhythm is controlled in part by "clocks" in the body and by events in the environment. The speed is usually called the "frequency". The body has many different "clocks" that keep track of the cyclical rhythms of life. This includes, listed from fastest frequency to slowest:

The study of the cycles of life is fascinating, and this brief discussion only scratches the surface!