FrequencyPubMed IDs
rs76439420 Go to 5GCC=0.001905 
rs74751167 Go to 5GCC=0.000207 
rs73042335 Go to 5GAA=0.052577 
rs2334255 Go to 5GTT=0.23567 
rs200562041 Go to 5TAA=0.000248 
rs1800437Go to Go to 5GCC=0.18196017624916 19254363 20081857 20516203 23563607 24446656
rs147218615 Go to 5CTT=0.001426 
rs143430880 Go to 5AGG=0.001420 
rs13306395 Go to 5GCC=0.000423 
rs12709891 Go to 5CAA=0.270654 
rs11671664Go to Go to 5GAA=0.13228722344221 22344219 24861553
rs115450421 Go to 5CGG=0.000545 
rs115338345 Go to 5GAA=0.000954 
rs778756249 Go to  CTT=0.000032 
rs550405192 Go to   GG=0.000279 
rs146268621 Go to  CTT=0.000103 
rs13306403 Go to  GTT=0.000064 
rs13306402 Go to  CTT=0.000895 
rs13306401Go to Go to  CAA=0.00027121544809
rs13306398 Go to  GTT=0.000052 
rs11672660 Go to  CTT=0.183485 
rs10423928Go to Go to  TAA=0.18089820081857 21747410 21810601 22399504 23563607 23349498

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