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FrequencyPubMed IDs
rs6664461 Go to A45 CCTTT=0.346306 
rs12751502 Go to A45  TTT=0.189738 
rs10917461 Go to A45  AAA=0.227725 
rs10492998 Go to A45 CCTTT=0.166643 
rs884074 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.131642 
rs873362 Go to A5  CCC=0.311624 
rs79308175 Go to A5  AAA=0.054496 
rs78913059 Go to A5  AAA=0.017202 
rs78475593 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.022346 
rs77461704 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.012854 
rs76090114 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.019312 
rs7515937 Go to A5 TTCCT=0.323371 
rs7513800 Go to A5 AAGGA=0.346115 
rs74919825 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.000995 
rs72653963 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.013562 
rs6703356 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.383322 
rs6669110 Go to A5 AACCC=0.395037 
rs66657441 Go to A5 CCAAA=0.138204 
rs61765077 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.019241 
rs60298567 Go to A5 AACCC=0.002421 
rs4912100 Go to A5 GGAAG=0.412741 
rs4912096 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.258696 
rs4912086 Go to A5 AAGGG=0.231994 
rs4481878 Go to A5  CCC=0.282676 
rs3790769 Go to A5  CCC=0.002835 
rs3215560 Go to A5  CCC=0.142624 
rs214339 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.198108 
rs214336 Go to A5 AACCA=0.259907 
rs185278992 Go to A5 AAGGG=0.000573 
rs182066782 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.000510 
rs1472565 Go to A4  TTT=0.470558 
rs12754186 Go to A5 GGTTT=0.219984 
rs12141916 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.014407 
rs12128226 Go to A5 TTGGG=0.014637 
rs12124339 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.041778 
rs12045440Go to Go to A5 TTGGG=0.30260121565293
rs12026907 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.321380 
rs115859193 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.017114 
rs11580551 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.314459 
rs10917459 Go to A4 GGTTG=0.187803 
rs74941542 Go to A  AAA=0.002286 
rs736713 Go to A  TTT=0.130830 
rs185128330 Go to A TTGGG=0.000243 
rs9887859 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.276504 
rs884630 Go to 4 AAGGA=0.357209 
rs881247 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.231779 
rs7667Go to Go to 4 GGAAA=0.32297222482804
rs761308 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.167065 
rs6703297 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.182531 
rs4912072 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.169565 
rs3829833 Go to 4 GGTTG=0.262901 
rs3790766 Go to 4 TTGGT=0.311903 
rs2268812 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.261651 
rs2268805 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.233149 
rs214344 Go to 4  AAA=0.307746 
rs214327 Go to 4 CCTTC=0.431248 
rs2088829 Go to 4 CCTTC=0.235785 
rs2088824 Go to 4 GGTTG=0.395977 
rs191942 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.330578 
rs17394154 Go to 4  CCC=0.180341 
rs16862684 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.152523 
rs1566531 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.291802 
rs1542875 Go to 4 CCAAC=0.363787 
rs1472566 Go to 4 TTCCT=0.342794 
rs12088915 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.294319 
rs12066114 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.276129 
rs12033437 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.310700 
rs11805045 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.200800 
rs11585820 Go to 4  GGG=0.212092 
rs10917454 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.453969 
rs10917452 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.440550 
rs10799810 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.230274 
rs1002365 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.484033 

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