Epigenetics is the science of individualizing nutrition and other interventions to control the expression of a patient's genes through lifestyle modification.

The cornerstone of a limitless life is knowing your genetic code and how that code interacts with the environment. This knowledge empowers you to create an ideal plan that honors and optimizes your health and performance based on your own precision DNA blueprint. Since your genes never change, this blueprint will serve you forever.

Brief theory of Genetics

Genetics is the study of how children inherit characteristics from their parents (heredity). We now know that heredity is based on the DNA in each cell of our body, which codes for genes. Every cell of your body has DNA, which codes the details of how every protein in your body is made. There are thousands of genes, which are organized into 46 chromosomes (23 pairs). Each pair of chromosomes consists of one chromosome from your mother and one chromosome from your father.

Brief theory of Genomics

Over 99% of the DNA is the same for all living humans; the remaining DNA has many small variations in spelling of the genetic code, which causes certain proteins to differ from one person to another. Each of these variations is called a SNP (pronounced "snip"), which stands for "single nucleotide polymorphism." In laymen's terms, a SNP represents a change of a single letter in the "sentence" that describes how to construct one particular protein. Generally speaking, each "sentence" is called a gene. Each variant spelling of the sentence (gene) is called an allele.

The proteins that are coded by your DNA become the enzymes that control all of your metabolic processes. Different alleles determine whether you are more likely to be a "night-owl" or a "morning-lark," have an increased risk for breast cancer (BRACA), have blue or brown eyes, plus a myriad of other individual features that make us all unique individuals. It used to be believed that the DNA we were born with controlled our lives. The new field of epigenetics tells a different story.

Brief theory of Epigenetics

"Epi-" is a Greek word that means "on top of." So "epigenetics" consists of the processes that are layered on top of our genetics, and can control how our genetics are expressed.

As an analogy, think of a card game. Your DNA is "the hand you are dealt." You cannot change that. But on top of the cards you are dealt is your game strategy - which can determine whether the hand you were dealt is a winner or a looser.

The study of epigenetics then is the study of how to modify the strategy of DNA expression in the body, in order to overcome "weak genes" and to get the most out of the genes (cards) you were dealt.

This is optimization!

Optimization includes changing diet, lifestyle, supplements, environment, and even your state of mind to become the best version of yourself.

Since everyone has hundreds of SNPs, the opportunities for optimization are limitless!


Nutrigenomics is the scientific application of nutrition and genomics to effect epigenetic changes in order to benefit an individual's physiology.

Genomic Testing and Epigenetic Optimization

The most widely known genetic testing companies are Go to and Go to 23andMe.23andMe. These companies focus mainly on genealogy - tracing where your ancestors came from. While this is interesting, a different approach is needed to optimize your epigenetics.

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