Abstract: A source book of documents of democratic dissent under Chinese Communism, most of them previously untranslated and difficult to find in the West. Ranging from eye-witness accounts of a massacre to theoretical critiques of Chinese Marxist thought, these essays are among the most powerful and important works of Chinese dissident literature written in this century.
Keywords: book review, international, current_events, Communist Red Mainland China, Tiananmen Square Massacre.
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Title: Wild Lily, Prairie Fire; China's Road to Democracy, Yan'an to Tian'anmen, 1942-1989
Editor: Gregor Benton, Alan Hunter
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Date Published: October 1995
ISBN: 0691043582
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A Note on Pronunciation



Chapter 1

Wild Lily, 1942

Wild Lily

Politicians, Artists

Thoughts on March 8 (Women's Day)

It Is Still the Age of the Zawen

Chapter 2

The Hundred Flowers, 1957

Forum of Democratic Parties and Groups on the Rectification Movement

Symposium of Scientists

What Is the Fundamental Cause of the Trade Union Crisis?

Distressing Contradiction

Rebellious Journalists

Excerpts from a Speech Made at a Debate Held at People's University on May 30, 1957

On the New Development of "Class"

Heaven, Water, Heart: Democracy? Party Rule?

I Accuse, I Protest

Seven Theses on Socialism and Democracy

Chapter 3

Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976

What Have Song Shuo, Lu Ping, and Peng Peiyun Done in the Cultural Revolution?

Red Guard Statements, 1966-1967

"Revolutionary" Power-holders

Whither China?

On Socialist Democracy and the Legal System

On the "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution"

Chapter 4

China Spring, 1979-1981

Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution

China: A History That Must Be Told

Democracy or a New Dictatorship?

Interview with Xu Wenli

A Reform Program for the Eighties

A Statement of Clarification

Democracy and Legality Are Safeguards of Stability and Unity

A Guangdong Youth Forum on Wall Posters

The Wind Rises from among the Duckweed: Elections at Beijing University

Election Scandal in a Rural Commune

The Election Movement Is in the Ascendant

The Student Movement in Hunan

Youth Disturbances in China's Far West

Advertisement: Modern Clothes

The Reawakening of the Chinese Working Class

In Memory of Wang Shenyou, Pioneer of the Democratic Movement, Teacher, Comrade

Interview with Yang Jing

Eyewitness Account of the Arrest of Liu Qing

Liu Qing Is Innocent!

Sad Memories and Prospects: My Appeal to the Tribunal of the People

Women Are Human Beings Too

China and Solidarnosc

Chapter 5

Prairie Fire, 1989

Proposal to Resign from the Party and Prepare an "Association to Promote China's Democracy Movement"

Letter of Petition

Speech in Tian'anmen Square

A Worker's Letter to the Students

A Choice Made on the Basis of Conscience and Party Spirit: An Open Letter to All Party Members

Hoist High the Flag of Reason

Where I Stand

The Socialist Multiparty System and China

A Letter to the People

Preparatory Program of the Autonomous Federation of Workers of the Capital

Workers' Declaration

Open Letter to the Students from an Army Veteran

Smart Thieves' Voice

Provisional Statutes of the Autonomous Federation of Workers of the Capital



The Massacre in Tian'anmen Square

Account of the Beijing Massacre

The Square

Open Letter to the Chinese Communist Party

Chapter 6

The Intellectuals' Critique

Proposals for Reform of the Political Structure, 1986

The Theory of Two Cultural Factors

Problems of Modernization

In Defense of Humanism

On Political Reform

The Bureaucratic Paradise

Appendix: Sources of the Texts


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