Abstract: Presents both sides of the debate over the right to keep and bear arms versus gun control.
Keywords: book review, constitution, RKBA, Second Amendment, 2nd amendment.
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Title: A Well Regulated Militia; The Battle over Gun Control
Author: William Weir
Publisher: Shoe String Press
Date Published: March 1997
ISBN: 0208024239
LOCN: HV7436.W45 1996
Dewey: 363.3'3'0973 -- dc20
Pages: 309
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Chapter 1: An Old, Old Problem

Chapter 2: The Militia in America

Chapter 3: '... That Every Man Be Armed ...'

Chapter 4: Second Thoughts About the Second Amendment

Chapter 5: Where Have All the Militiamen Gone?

Chapter 6: Digression No. 1: Weapons and Warfare

Chapter 7: The Seeds of Discord

Chapter 8: Time of Troubles

Chapter 9: Harlon 'Canute' versus the Tide

Chapter 10: Green Apples, Plastic Pistols, and Parallel Paranoia

Chapter 11: Politicians versus Crime

Chapter 12: 100,000 Cops and Brady II

Chapter 13: Digression No. 2: Guns in Civil Life

Chapter 14: Sliding Down the Slippery Slope

Chapter 15: The Five-Year Plan and Other Fantasies

Chapter 16: Pseudo Militia

Chapter 17: Devil Guns

Chapter 18: The Devil [word is struck out with 'Gun' replacing it] Made Me Do It

Chapter 19: Considering the Alternative

Chapter 20: Underwhelming Popular Demand

Chapter 21: Digression No. 3: Guns in the Rest of the World

Chapter 22: Snake Oil

Chapter 23: Band-Aids

Chapter 24: Radical Surgery


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