Abstract: A defense of the Second Amendment right to Keep and Bear Arms that debunks the arguments of the gun-control crowd with facts, statistics, and logic.
Keywords: book review, constitution, RKBA, firearms, Second Amendment, 2nd amendment.
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Title: Stopping Power; Why 70 Million Americans Own Guns
Author: J. Neil Schulman
Foreword: Don B. Kates.Jr
Publisher: Pulpless.com
Date Published: December 1994
ISBN: 1584450576
Pages: 318
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Introduction: as American as Guns

Sorties into Enemy Territory: the LA Times Op-Eds

A Massacre We Didn't Hear About

Joining Forces Against a Common Foe

Gun Fight at the 4 'n' 20 Pie Shop

If Gun Laws Work, Why Are We Afraid?

Some Practical Arguments for and Armed Civilian Population

A Time to Kill

140,000 LA Gun Owners Have Used Firearms Defensively

Do Guns Do More Harm or More Good?

Q & A on Gun Defenses

How Does Japan Get That Low Crime Rate, Anyway?

An Overview of the Statistical Case

It's Time to Take a Second Look at Murder

The War to Bear Arms in the City of the Angeles

Remarks to the LA Board of Police Commissioners, 7/16/91

The Case for a Concealed Weapon's License in Los Angeles

Remarks to the LA Board of Police Commissioners, 11/3/92

Guns Are Still "Equalizers"

Los Angeles Revises Concealed-Weapons Policy

How I (and 4 Million Friends) Successfully Fought City Hall

The Thrill of My Life

The Second Amendment and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Reply to the Executives of the ACLU of Southern California on the Meaning of the Second Amendment

English Usage Expert Interprets Second Amendment

The Unabridged Second Amendment

Some Notes and Discussion on the Second Amendment

Reserve Militia Training and Regulation Act: A Proposal

"With Liberty and Justice For All"

Open Messages to Judge Glen Ashman

A Rather One-Sided Debate on Gun Rights

Was Waco Warranted?

Does Hugging on TV Cause Real Violence?

Old Enough To Die, Old Enough To Live?

Instead of Crime and Punishment

If Execution Is Just, What Is Justice?

A Note To Freedom Activists

Ripostes And Counters

KNX Editorial Replies

Excerpts from a letter to Nadine Strossen, President ACLU

Letter to Scientific American

A Reply to Joyce Brothers

Can You Trust Handgun Control, Inc.?

The Mark of Kane is on Firearms Reporting

Excerpts from a letter to the CEO of WAL*MART

When Doctors Call for Gun Seizures, It's Grand Malpractice

What It Takes to Get Me to Put on a Yarmulke

Talk At Temple Beth Shir Shalom

More Stopping Power

A Rude Awakening

A Letter to The Economist

Cease Fire, Ed Asner

The Unconstitutional Bill of Rights

Afterword: Guns & Self Defense by Gary Kleck, Ph.D.

Sources and Recommended Further Reading

Pro-Firearms-Rights Organizations

Firearms Instruction

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