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Title: Software Development to Government Standards
Author: William Roetzheim
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Date Published: December 1996
ISBN: 0134616901
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This book is being considered for further review, but we do not yet have a copy in hand. under construction icon


The contents of the 1991 edition follow. The latest edition is not yet in hand.


Chapter 1: You'll Love This Book

Chapter 2: Understanding the Big Picture

Chapter 3: Smart Proposals

Chapter 4: Start With a Solid Foundation

Chapter 5: Allocating Costs ... Reducing Costs

Chapter 6: Managing Government Contracts

Chapter 7: Special Topics

Chapter 8: The Role of MIL-STD-490A

Chapter 9: The Role of DOD-STD-2167A

Chapter 10: The Role of DOD-STD-2168

Chapter 11: The Role of MIL-STD-1521B

Chapter 12: The Role of Other Standards and Instructions

Chapter 13: Data Item Descriptions

Chapter 14: Preparing the System/Segment Specification

Chapter 15: Preparing the System/Segment Design Document

Chapter 16: Preparing the Software Development Plan

Chapter 17: Preparing the Software Requirements Specification

Chapter 18: Preparing the Interface Requirements Specification

Chapter 19: Preparing the Software Design Document

Chapter 20: Preparing the Software Test Plan

Chapter 21: Preparing the Interface Design Document

Chapter 22: Preparing the Software Test Description

Chapter 23: Preparing the Software Test Report

Chapter 24: Preparing the Version Description Document

Chapter 25: Preparing the Computer System Operator's Manual

Chapter 26: Preparing the Software User's Manual

Chapter 27: Preparing the Software Programmer's Manual

Chapter 28: Preparing the Firmware Support Manual

Chapter 29: Preparing the Computer Resources Integrated Support Document

Chapter 30: Preparing the Software Product Specification

Chapter 31: Conducting a System Requirements Review

Chapter 32: Conducting a System Design Review

Chapter 33: Conducting a Software Specification Review

Chapter 34: Conducting a Preliminary Design Review

Chapter 35: Conducting a Critical Design Review

Chapter 36: Conducting a Test Readiness Review

Chapter 37: Conducting a Functional Configuration Audit and Physical Configuration Audit

Appendix A: HyperText Standards On-Line

Appendix B: Teamplan System

Appendix C: Overview of HIPO-H

Appendix D: Acronyms and Abbreviations

Appendix E: Definitions


I have taken this program and I highly recommend it to all health-care providers - Orville R. Weyrich, Jr PhD NMD.
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