Abstract: The 'Bat-book' of Sendmail -- the definitive reference.
Keywords: book review, internet, unix, sendmail.
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Title: Sendmail
Author: Bryan Costales, Eric Allman
Editor: Gigi Estabrook
Publisher: O'Reilly
Date Published: January 1997
ISBN: 1565922220
Pages: 1021
Bibliography: 61
Figures: 24
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Part I: Tutorial

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Have a V8

Chapter 3: The Roles of sendmail

Chapter 4: How to Run Sendmail

Chapter 5: The sendmail.cf File

Chapter 6: The Mail Hub and Delivery Agents

Chapter 7: Macros

Chapter 8: Addresses and Rules

Chapter 9: Rule Set 0

Chapter 10: Rule Set 3

Chapter 11: Rule Sets 1 and S=

Chapter 12: Class

Chapter 13: Setting Options

Chapter 14: Headers, Precedence, and Trust

Chapter 15: Install and Test the client.cf File

Chapter 16: The null.mc and m4

Chapter 17: The Hub's Complex Rules

Part II: Build and Install

Chapter 18: Compile and Install sendmail

Chapter 19: V8 m4 Configuration

Chapter 20: The checkcompat() Cookbook

Part III: Administration

Chapter 21: DNS and sendmail

Chapter 22: Security

Chapter 23: The Queue

Chapter 24: Aliases

Chapter 25: Mailing Lists and ~/.forward

Chapter 26: Logging and Statistics

Part IV: Reference

Chapter 27: The Configuration File

Chapter 28: Rules

Chapter 29: Rule Sets

Chapter 30: Delivery Agents

Chapter 31: Defined Macros

Chapter 32: Class Macros

Chapter 33: Database Macros

Chapter 34: Options

Chapter 35: Headers

Chapter 36: The Command Line

Chapter 37: Debugging with -d

Chapter 38: Rule-Set Testing with -bt

Part V: Appendices

Appendix A: The client.cf File

Appendix B: Host Status File Internals

Appendix C: The Berkeley DB Database

Appendix D: Sun Enhancements



Author:        Costales, Bryan.
Title:         Sendmail / Bryan Costales.
Published:     Sebastopol, CA. : O'Reilly & Assoc., 1993.
Description:   1 v.
ISBN:          1565920562 : $30.00
Control No.:   94129993 


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