Abstract: The authors present evidence supporting the theory that the Knights Templar were the descendents of the Jerusalem Church, and that the Shroud of Turin features the image of Jacques de Molay.
Keywords: book review, freemasonry, Knights Templar, Shroud of Turin.
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Title: The Second Messiah; Templars, the Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasonry
Author: Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas
Publisher: Element Books
Date Published: November 1999
ISBN: 1862046476
LOCN: H5403.K553 1998
Dewey: 366'.1 -- dc21
Pages: 259
Photos: 26
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Chapter 1: The Death of a Nation

A New Light on Old Beliefs

The Missing Years

Chapter 2: The Secrets of Rosslyn

The Nine Knights

A Templar Shrine

The Line of Knowledge

The Knights of the Red Cross of the Babylonish Pass

The Secret of the Stones

Chapter 3: The Missing History of Freemasonry

The Secrets of Freemasonry

The Power and the Glory

The Early Years

The First Grand Master Mason of Scotland

The Hidden Degrees

Chapter 4: The Return of the Kings of God

A Thousand Years of Darkness

The Motive Uncovered

The Rex Deus Hypothesis

The Tarot and the Templars

Chapter 5: The Holy Grail of the Templars

The Origins of King Arthur

The Hidden Meaning

The Rise of the Holy Grail

Chapter 6: The Birth of "The Second Messiah"

The Last Crusades

The Troubles of Philip IV

The Battle of the Church's Finances

A French Pope

The Last Grand Master of the Templars

Chapter 7: The Linen Enigma

Faith is Blind

The History of the Shroud

What is the Shroud?

Some Origin Theories

The Strangeness of the Image

Reproducing the Face

The Evidence in Blood

Chapter 8: The Blood and the Flames

The Holy Inquisition

The Interrogation in the Temple

The Confession of Jacques de Molay

The Final Denial

Chapter 9: The Cult of the Second Messiah

A Time for Prophecy

Christendom in Need

The Battle of the Holy Image

The Templars Live On

Chapter 10: The Great Secret of Freemasonry

A Rex Deus Religion

The Missing Rituals

The Great Secret Reconstructed

Our Questions Answered

The End of the Shroud Enigma

The Topology of the Past

Appendix 1: The Time Line

Appendix 2: The Charter of Transmission of J. M. Larmenius

Appendix 3: The Process That Created the Image on the Shroud of Turin


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