Abstract: Documents Japanese atrocities in World War II that caused even the Nazi's to object. Featured on KFYI.
Keywords: book review, history, Japanese atrocities, world war II, Nanking massacre, Nan-ching shih China 1937.
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Title: The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II
Author: Iris Chang
Publisher: Basic Books
Date Published: November 1997
ISBN: 0465068359
LOCN: DS796.N2C44 1997
Dewey: 951.04/2 21
Pages: 290
Footnotes: 583
Figures: 2
Photos: 44
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REVIEW by Orville R. Weyrich, Jr.

My first reaction on reading this book was to recoil in revulsion. The atrocities described in The Rape of Nanking far exceed the worst reports coming out of Kosovo. The brutality exceeds that attributed to the Nazis in the Jewish Holocaust. While "only" a quarter million Chinese civilians were tortured and slaughtered by the Japanese soldiers invading Nanking (Nan-Jing), this number exceeds the civilian casualties in in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. The total civilian death toll throughout China appears to exceed the 6 million Jews killed in Hitler's "final solution."

The author Iris Chang, an American-born of Chinese descent, sometimes departs from the stance of an objective reporter, using emotion-laden adjectives to describe the horror. I can't really blame her. My only real complaint is that she states that The broad details of the Rape are, except among the Japanese, not in dispute. She then proceeds with a narrative that lacks direct foot-noting of the source of her assertions, even though she does include a collection of end-notes organized by page number. Perhaps this is a due to a desire to create a narrative history that is accessible to a mass market, but it detracts somewhat from the first impression of historical credibility.

I am struck by the parallels between the "shame of the Jews" during the Holocaust that they allowed themselves to be herded like cattle into the death camps rather than fighting to the death, and the manner in which the soldiers defending Nanking surrendered hoping for mercy, only to be systematically murdered. While I have felt the ripples of this shame within the American Jewish community, mixed with vows of never again! I can only guess that similar sentiments must exist within the population of mainland China.

Some commentators on this book have noted that one of the "heros" of the resistance to the Japanese massacre at Nanking was a Nazi businessman named John Rabe, and have drawn the false conclusion that the book is an attempt to white-wash the sins of the German National Socialist Party. While John Rabe is portrayed in a very sympathetic light, and while he was a Nazi, he clearly did not represent the views of the German hierarchy, and indeed was rebuffed when he took his complaints back to Germany.

Some may question the need to dig up 60-year old bones and breath new life into old grudges. But I see several important aspects that must be found relevant today if we are to avoid history repeating itself:

In summary, I highly recommend The Rape of Nanking to all voters and their elected representatives, who must shape the future direction of foreign policy for the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America.


Foreword by William C. Kirby


Part I

Chapter 1: The Path to Nanking

Chapter 2: Six Weeks of Terror

Chapter 3: The Fall of Nanking

Chapter 4: Six Weeks of Horror

Chapter 5: The Nanking Safety Zone

Part II

Chapter 6: What the World Knew

Chapter 7: The Occupation of Nanking

Chapter 8: Judgment Day

Chapter 9: The Fate of the Survivors

Part III

Chapter 10: The Forgotten Holocaust: A Second Rape



Author:        Chang, Iris.
Title:         The rape of Nanking : the forgotten holocaust of
                  World War II / Iris Chang.
Edition:       1st ed.
Published:     New York, NY : BasicBooks, c1997.
Description:   xi, 290 p. : ill., map ; 25 cm.
LC Call No.:   DS796.N2C44 1997
Dewey No.:     951.04/2 21
ISBN:          0465068359
Notes:         Includes bibliographical references (p. 231-283)
                  and index.
Subjects:      Nanking Massacre, Nan-ching shih, China, 1937.
               Nan-ching shih (China) -- History.
Control No.:   97024137 


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