Abstract: A collection of essays motivated by the slaughter of Chinese students in Tiananmen Square.
Keywords: book review, international, current_events, Communist Red Mainland China, Tiananmen Square Massacre.
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Title: Popular Protest and Political Culture in Modern China
Editor: Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, Elizabeth J. Perry
Publisher: Westview Press
Date Published: September 1994
ISBN: 0813320437
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Preface to the Second Edition


A Note to Teachers

Introduction: Chinese Political Culture Revisited

Chapter 1 : Imagining the Ancien Regime in the Deng Era

Chapter 2 : Acting Out Democracy: Political Theater in Modern China

Chapter 3 : Casting a Chinese "Democracy" Movement: The Roles of Students, Workers, and Entrepreneurs

Chapter 4 : Science, Democracy, and the Politics of Identity

Chapter 5 : Gender and the Chinese Student Movement

Chapter 6 : The Birth of the Goddess of Democracy

Chapter 7 : The Politics of Popular Music in Post-Tiananmen China

Chapter 8 : Memory and Commemoration: The Chinese Search for a Livable Past

Chapter 9 : From Priests to Professionals: Intellectuals and the State Under the CCP

Chapter 10 : The Role of the Chinese and U.S. Media

Chapter 11 : What Happened in Eastern Europe in 1989?

Chapter 12 : Discos and Dictatorship: Party-State and Society Relations in the People's Republic of China

Chapter 13 : History, Myth, and the Tales of Tiananmen

Chapter 14 : That Holy Word, "Revolution"

Postscript: April 1994

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