Abstract: A scholarly examination of both the original intent of the writers and ratifiers of the Second Amendment and of the subsequently developed case history in the court system.
Keywords: book review, constitution, law, RKBA, Second Amendment, 2nd amendment, original intent, case history.
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Title: For the Defense of Themselves and the State: The Original Intent and Judicial Interpretation of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Author: Clayton E. Cramer
Foreword: Preston K. Covey
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Date Published: May 1994
ISBN: 0275949133
LOCN: KF3941.C73 1994
Dewey: 344.73'0533 -- dc20 / 347.304533
Pages: 286
Bibliography: 145
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Chapter I: Definitions

Chapter II: European Origins

Chapter III: The Legislative History of the Second Amendment

Chapter IV: Problems of Judicial Interpretation

Chapter V: "To Keep and Carry Arms Wherever They Want"

Chapter VI: "No Negro ... Shall Be Allowed to Carry Fire-Arms"

Chapter VII: "Carrying Concealed Weapons Is a Grievous Evil"

Chapter VIII: "A Proper Reason for Carrying a Pistol"

Chapter IX: Civil Rights, Civil Disturbances

Chapter X: The Right Comes Out of Its Coma?

Chapter XI: At the Crossroads


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