Abstract: After establishing the need for self defense, the authors turn to the ethical and moral considerations regarding the use of deadly force in the Judeo-Christian traditions. In conclusion they briefly examine the social policy issues that arise out of this study.
Keywords: book review, religion, RKBA, self-defense, moral ethical religious, guns, firearms, deadly force, pacifist, pacifism.
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Title: Mounting Threat of Home Intruders: Weighing the Moral Option of Armed Self-Defense
Author: Brendan F. J. Furnish, Dwight H. Small
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
Date Published: January 1993
ISBN: 0398058288
LOCN: HV7431.F87 1993
Dewey: 364.4 -- dc20
Pages: 257
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Part I: America the Violent

Introduction to Part I

Chapter 1: Nation Under Siege

Chapter 2: The Media's Packaged Violence

Chapter 3: Profiling Violent Predators

Chapter 4: What If He's A Rapist?

Chapter 5: Can We Count On Protection?

Chapter 6: Self-Defense: Understanding the Law

Chapter 7: How Shall She Defend Herself?

Part II: Moral and Religious Grounds for Lethal Self-Defense

Introduction to Part II

Chapter 8: Conscience: Consent by Conviction

Chapter 9: Thou Shall Not Kill, Except ...

Chapter 10: Non-Violence: New Testament Absolute?

Chapter 11: Mandate for Doing What Is Just

Chapter 12: Dual Mandate for Just-Love

Chapter 13: Traditional Religious Pacifism

Chapter 14: Contemporary Pacifist Approaches

Chapter 15: Protestant-Catholic Selectivism

Chapter 16: Ethics Postscript

Chapter 17: It's Your Option to Choose!

Part III: Social Policy Issues

Chapter 18: Contending Agendas

Chapter 19: Promise For the Future


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