Abstract: A handy little booklet on how to do laundry when you have no electricity. Also includes useful information foe when you are on the grid.
Keywords: book review, emergency preparedness, off-grid living, laundry, washing clothes.
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Title: Laundry...The Way Granny Did It: An Emergency Preparedness Handbook
Author: Kylie Jordan
Publisher: Ron-Mar Books
Date Published: June 15, 2003
ISBN: 0967669901
Pages: 44
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REVIEW by Orville R. Weyrich, Jr.

When disaster strikes, perhaps the last thing that is on your mind is doing your laundry. But after the smoke clears, if you need to settle down for the long haul, then you will want some clean clothes. This handy little book will tell you how to prepare, and even has a catalog of electricity-free washing tools.

Some of the information is also of interest to people living on-grid as well -- particularly the information on handling special fabrics, flood-damaged clothes, and the use of laundry chemicals. My only quibble is on page 6, the author suggests that dish detergent can be used as a light-duty laundry detergent. This is true if you are hand-washing, but likely to create a mess if you try to use dish detergent in an electric clothes washer -- dish detergent is formulated to produce luxurious suds which will overflow an electric clothes washer.

The book would also be handy to have for a history class in pioneer living.

My recommendation: if you are planning for life off the grid for an extended time, you want this book and some of the products listed -- and you want to practice using them before you need them.



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