Abstract: Describes the principles and techniques for the development of expert systems.
Keywords: book review, ai, expert systems, computer science, DENDRAL, MYCIN, INTERNIST, R1, CENTAUR, knowledge acquisition.
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Title: Introduction to Expert Systems, Third Edition
Author: Peter Jackson
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Date Published: November 1999
ISBN: 0201876868
LOCN: QA76.76.E95J33 1990
Dewey: 006.3/3 20
Pages: 542
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Chapter 1: What Are Expert Systems?

Chapter 2: An Overview of Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 3: Knowledge Representation

Chapter 4: Symbolic Computation

Chapter 5: Rule-Based Systems

Chapter 6: Associative Nets and Frame Systems

Chapter 7: Object-Oriented Programming

Chapter 8: Logic Programming

Chapter 9: Representing Uncertainty

Chapter 10: Knowledge Acquisition

Chapter 11: Heuristic Classification (I)

Chapter 12: Heuristic Classification (II)

Chapter 13: Hierarchical Hypothesize and Test

Chapter 14: Constructive Problem Solving (I)

Chapter 15: Constructive Problem Solving (II)

Chapter 16: Designing for Explanation

Chapter 17: Tools for Building Expert Systems

Chapter 18: Blackboard Architecture

Chapter 19: Truth Maintenance Systems

Chapter 20: Machine Learning

Chapter 21: Belief Networks

Chapter 22: Case-Based Reasoning

Chapter 23: Hybrid Systems

Chapter 24: Summary and Conclusion

Appendix : CLIPS Programming


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