Abstract: The authors present evidence to support the theory that the mummified remains of the Egyptian King Seqenenre (circa 1600 BC) are those of the Masonic figure Hiram Abif. The authors also argue that the Knights Templar recovered documents hidden by the early Jerusalem Church, similar to the recently recovered Dead Sea Scrolls.
Keywords: book review, freemasonry, Hiram Abif, Egypt, King Seqenenre, mummy, Early Jerusalem Church, Essenes, Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnosticism, Gnostic Gospels.
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Title: The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus
Author: Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Books
Date Published: February 1998
ISBN: 076070967x
Pages: 384
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Chapter 1: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry

Sheer Pointlessness

A Poor Candidate in a State of Darkness

The Hidden Mysteries of Nature and Science

A Glimmer of Light

Chapter 2: The Search Begins

Where Did the Order Originate?

The Temple of King Solomon

Chapter 3: The Knights Templar

The Beginnings of the Order

What Were They Searching For?

The Rule of the Order

The Seal of the Order

Organization of the Order

Chapter 4: The Gnostic Connection

The Early Christian Censors

The Gnostic Gospels

The Gnostic Resurrection

Chapter 5: Jesus Christ: Man, God, Myth or Freemason?

Another Virgin Birth

The Principle Groups of Jerusalem

The Hard Evidence of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Family of Jesus

The Birth of a New Religion

Truth Within the Heresies

A Positive Link between Jesus and the Templars

The Star of the Mandaeans

The Star of America

Chapter 6: In the Beginning Man Made God

The Garden of Eden

The Cities of Sumer

Ur, the City of Abraham

God, the King, the Priest and the Builders

The Figure of Abraham, the First Jew

Chapter 7: The Legacy of the Egyptians

The Beginnings of Egypt

The Stability of the Two Lands

The Making of a King

Proving the Unprovable

The Silent Evidence

The Morning Star Shines Again

Chapter 8: The First Freemason

Hiram Abif Discovered

The Collapse of the Egyptian State

The Hyksos Kings

The Loss of the Original Secrets

The Biblical Evidence

The Murder of Hiram Abif

The Killers of Hiram Abif

The Physical Evidence

The Masonic Evidence

Seqenenre Tao the Fearless

Chapter 9: The Birth of Judaism

Moses the Law-giver

The War God of the Mountains of Sinai

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

The Timing of the Exodus

David and Solomon

Chapter 10: A Thousand Years of Struggle

The Early Jewish Nation

The Exile in Babylon

The Prophet of the New Jerusalem

Zerubbabel's Temple

The New Threat to Yahweh

Chapter 11: The Boaz and Jachin Pesher

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Missing Books of Maccabee

The Elect of Judah

Midrash, Pesher and Parable

The Secrets of Qumran

The Twin Pillars

Chapter 12: The Man Who Turned Water into Wine

The Race Against Time

The New Way to the Kingdom of God

The Arrest of the Kingly Pillar

The Trial and Crucifixion

The Symbols of Jesus and James

The Rise of the Liar

The Treasure of the Jews

Chapter 13: The Resurrection

The Remnants of the Jerusalem Church

The 'Heavenly Jerusalem' Scroll

The Impact of the Nasorean Scrolls

Chapter 14: The Truth Breaks Free

The Prophecy Becomes Truth

The Crucifixion

The Physical Evidence

The Message Breaks Out

The Land of the Star called La'Merika

Chapter 15: The Lost Scrolls Rediscovered

The Scottish Sanctuary

Return to Rosslyn

Let There Be Light

The Lost Secret of Mark Masonry Rediscovered

The Lord Protector Who Protected Rosslyn

Beneath Solomon's Seal

Excavating the Nasorean Scrolls


Appendix 1: The Development of Modern Freemasonry and its Impact on the World

The English Reformation and the Conditions for Emergence

The King Who Built the Lodge System

The Architect of the Second Degree

The New Heresy

The Old Charges

The Rise of Republicans

The Royal Society Emerges

Freemasonry Finds Its Feet

The Spread of Freemasonry

The Development of Masonry in America

Appendix 2: Pre-1710 Masonic Lodges in Scotland with Date of the First Recorded Mention

Appendix 3: Early Grand Masters of English Freemasonry

Appendix 4: Early Grand Masters of Scottish Freemasonry

Appendix 5: Chronology

Appendix 6: Maps


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