Abstract: Fourth in a series of compendia of Artificial Intelligence lore.
Keywords: book review, ai, blackboard, cooperative distributed processing, expert systems, natural language understanding, knowledge-based software engineering, knowledge-based simulation, computer vision.

Title: Handbook of AI, Volume 4
Editor: Avron Barr, Edward A. Feigenbaum, Paul R. Cohen
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Date Published: October 1989
ISBN: 0201517310
Pages: 699
Bibliography: approximately 836 entries
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Chapter XVI: Blackboard Systems

Chapter XVII: Cooperative Distributed Problem Solving

Chapter XVIII: Fundamentals of Expert Systems

Chapter XIX: Natural Language Understanding

Chapter XX: Knowledge-Based Software Engineering

Chapter XXI: Qualitative Physics

Chapter XXII: Knowledge-Based Simulations

Chapter XXIII: Computer Vision Update


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