Abstract: Presents both sides of the gun-control versus right to keep and bear arms debate.
Keywords: book review, constitution, RKBA, Second Amendment, 2nd amendment.
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Title: The Gun Control Debate: You Decide
Editor: Lee Nisbet
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Date Published: August 1990
ISBN: 0879756187
LOCN: HV7436.G866 1990
Dewey: 363.3'3'0973 -- dc20
Pages: 341
Bibliography: 10
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Part I:


Chapter 1: America as a Gun Culture

Chapter 2: Social Problems and Sagecraft: Gun Control as a Case in Point

Chapter 3: The Good Outweighs the Evil

Chapter 4: The Great American Gun War

Part II:


Chapter 5: Second Thoughts about Gun Control

Chapter 6: The Great American Gun War: Some Policy Implications of the Felon Study

Chapter 7: The Relationship Between Gun Ownership Levels and Rates of Violence in the United States

Chapter 8: The Effect of Gun Availability on Violent Crime Patterns

Chapter 9: Policy Lessons from Recent Gun Control Research

Chapter 10: On the Needle-in-the-Haystack and the Deadly Long Gun

Chapter 11: Firearms and Assault: "Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People"

Chapter 12: Handguns in the Twenty-First Century

Chapter 13: Comparisons among Nations and Over Time

Chapter 14: Handgun Regulations, Crime, Assaults, and Homicide: A Tale of Two Cities

Part III: Guns for Self-Defense: Protection or Menace?


Chapter 15: How Well Does the Handgun Protect You and Your Family?

Chapter 16: Protection or Peril? An Analysis of Firearm-Related Deaths in the Home

Chapter 17: The Epidemiology of Firearm Deaths among Residents of California

Chapter 18: Defensive Gun Ownership as a Response to Crime

Chapter 19: The Law-Abiding Gun Owner as Domestic and Acquaintance Murderer

Chapter 20: Crime Control Through the Private Use of Armed Force

Chapter 21: When Children Shoot Children

Chapter 22: Gun Accidents

Part IV: Interpreting the Second Amendment: Culture Conflict Revealed


Chapter 23: The Embarrassing Second Amendment

Chapter 24: Guns, Cowboys, Philadelphia Mayors, and Civic Republicanism: On Stanford Levinson's "The Embarrassing Second Amendment"


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