Abstract: Commentary and analysis of the Waco Incident from many points of view, ranging from The Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs to Eldridge Cleaver.
Keywords: book review, conspiracy, religion, Waco Branch Davidian disaster Texas 1993, FBI, BATF, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco, Janet Reno, Bill Clinton, religions freedom, religious persecution, David Koresh 1959-1993.

Title: From the Ashes: Making Sense of Waco
Editor: James R. Lewis
Publisher: Rowman and Littlefield
Date Published: January 1994
ISBN: 0847679144
LOCN: BP605.B72F76 1994
Dewey: 976.4/284063 20
Pages: 269
Bibliography: 46
Footnotes: 66
Figures: 1
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Introduction: Responses to the Branch Davidian Tragedy

Introductory Essays

Chapter 1: The Crime of Piety: Wounded Knee to Waco

Chapter 2: Misinterpreting Religious Commitment

Chapter 3: Tailhook and Waco: A Commentary

Understanding the Branch Davidians

Chapter 4: The Waco Tragedy: An Autobiographical Account of One Attempt to Avert Disaster

Chapter 5: The Davidian Dilemma -- To Obey God or Man?

Chapter 6: The Davidian Tradition

Millennialism and the Waco Confrontation

Chapter 7: Reflections after Waco: Millennialists and the State

Chapter 8: The Millennial Dream

Chapter 9: Varieties of Millennialism and the Issue of Authority

Law Enforcement and Tactical Assessments

Chapter 10: Cult Label and Waco Violence Inevitable

Chapter 11: What Went Wrong in Waco? Poor Planning, Bad Tactics Result in Botched Raid

Chapter 12: Killed by Semantics: Or Was it a Keystone Kop Kaleidescope Kaper?

Chapter 13: Showdown at the Waco Corral: ATF Cowboys Shoot Themselves in the Foot

Chapter 14: Misguided Tactics Contributed to Apocalypse in Waco

Mass Suicide?

Chapter 15: Excavating Waco

Chapter 16: Who Started the Fires? Mass Murder, American Style

Chapter 17: Fanning the Flames of Suspicion: The Case against Mass Suicide at Waco

The Role of the Anti-cult Movement

Chapter 18: The Mythology of Cults

Chapter 19: &Cults,& &Mind Control,& and the State

Chapter 20: The Cult Awareness Network: Its Role in the Waco Tragedy

Dynamics and Impact of the Media

Chapter 21: The Media and New Religious Movements

Chapter 22: Television and Metaphysics at Waco

Chapter 23: Waco and the War of the Worlds: Media Fantasy and Modern Reality

Polygamy and Accusations of Child Abuse

Chapter 24: A More Righteous Seed: A Comparison of Polygamy among Branch Davidians and the Fundamentalist Mormons

Chapter 25: Who Committed Child Abuse at Waco?

Chapter 26: Suffer the Little Children

Academic Reflections

Chapter 27: Lessons from Waco: When Will We Ever Learn?

Chapter 28: Why Did Waco Happen?

Chapter 29: Reflections on the Waco Disaster: Trying to Make Sense of Insane Events

Chapter 30: Deconstructing Waco

Chapter 31: Did the G-Men Sleep Through SOC 100?

Chapter 32: Reflections on the Tragedy at Waco

Chapter 33: How Future Wacos Might Be Avoided: Two Proposals

Chapter 34: Sticks 'n Stones May Break Your Bones but Words CAN Really Hurt You

Selected Responses

Chapter 35: Christian Holocaust

Chapter 36: Open Season on Messiahs?

Chapter 37: Waco Probe Should Not Be Used to Define Religion

Chapter 38: A New Religious Movement's Response to the Waco Tragedy

Chapter 39: Church Universal and Triumphant Not Like Branch Davidians

Chapter 40: FBI Uses &Cults& as Bait

Chapter 41: Waco: Bill Clinton's Bay of Pigs

Selected Letters to Public Officials

Chapter 42: Letter James Dunn and Dean M. Kelly to President Clinton

Chapter 43: Letter from Dean M. Kelly to Donald Edwards

Chapter 44: Letter from Laura Murphy Lee to Jack Brooks

Chapter 45: Letter from Edward C. Lehman, Jr. to Janet Reno

Chapter 46: Letter from Larry Shinn to Donald Edwards

Epilogue: A Fiery Ending


Title:         From the ashes : making sense of Waco / James R.
                  Lewis, editor.
Published:     Lanham, MD. : Rowman & Littlefield, c1994.
Description:   xvi, 269 p. ; 24 cm.
LC Call No.:   BP605.B72F76 1994
Dewey No.:     976.4/284063 20
ISBN:          0847679144 (cloth : alk. paper)
               0847679152 (pbk. : alk. paper)
Notes:         Includes bibliographical references and index.
Subjects:      Waco Branch Davidian Disaster, Tex., 1993.
               Branch Davidians.
               Koresh, David, 1959-1993.
Control No.:   93048400 


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