Abstract: Is the Supreme Court usurping American politics? An analysis of several major constitutional conflicts centered on the Fourteenth Amendment - conflicts over racial segregation, race-based affirmative action, sex-based discrimination, homosexuality, abortion, and physician-assisted suicide.
Keywords: book review, constitution, law, fourteenth amendment, supreme court, 14th Amendment.
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Title: We the People; The Fourteenth Amendment and the Supreme Court
Author: Michael J. Perry
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date Published: July 1999
ISBN: 019512362X
Pages: 288
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Chapter 1: Introduction: "The Judicial Usurpation of Politics"

Chapter 2: What Is "the Constitution"? (And Other Fundamental Questions)

Chapter 3: The Fourteenth Amendment: What Norms Did "We the People" Establish?

Chapter 4: The Fourteenth Amendment and Race: Segregation and Affirmative Action

Chapter 5: Beyond Race: Sex and Sexual Orientation

Chapter 6: Further Beyond: Abortion and Physician-Assisted Suicide

Chapter 7: Concluding Reflections


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