Abstract: Every locally elected official, candidate, and concerned taxpayer should read this insightful commentary on how to provide fiscal oversight, hold non-elected staff accountable, and avoid a variety of pitfalls. Includes numerous case studies.
Keywords: book review, politics, economics, local government, fiscal policy, oversight, due diligence, taxes, finances, city council, mayor, county supervisor, school board, accountability, bonds, services.

Title: Local Government Dollars and Sense: 225 Financial Tips for Guarding the Public Checkbook
Author: Len Wood
Publisher: Training Shoppe
Date Published: June 1998
ISBN: 0963437445
Pages: 362
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Chapter 1: Stop Campaigning and Begin Governing

Chapter 2: Know Your Financial Oversight Responsibilities

Chapter 3: How to Lessen Budget Anxiety

Chapter 4: Disastrous Fiscal Practices

Chapter 5: When You Must Cut

Chapter 6: Sins, Omissions, and Poor Judgment

Chapter 7: Where is the Money Hidden?

Chapter 8: What is an Adequate Fund Balance?

Chapter 9: Treasure Your Treasurer

Chapter 10: Performance Measurement: What's the Fear?

Chapter 11: Where Do We Get the Money?

Chapter 12: Sewers and Classrooms Don't Vote ... Right Away

Chapter 13: Support Your Local Auditor

Chapter 14: Public-Private Ventures are not for the Timid


I have taken this program and I highly recommend it to all health-care providers - Orville R. Weyrich, Jr PhD NMD.
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