Abstract: The Domain Name Service (DNS) and it's UNIX implementation (BIND) are essential building blocks of the distributed host name/address database. This is the manual that all Internet administrators must have handy.
Keywords: book review, internet, unix, DNS, BIND, domain name service, MX, mail routing, name server, domain name database.
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Title: DNS and BIND in a Nutshell
Author: Paul Albitz, Cricket Liu
Publisher: O'Reilly
Date Published: January 1998
ISBN: 1565925122
Pages: 482
Figures: 41
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Chapter 1: Background

Chapter 2: How Does DNS Work?

Chapter 3: Where Do I Start?

Chapter 4: Setting Up BIND

Chapter 5: DNS and Electronic Mail

Chapter 6: Configuring Hosts

Chapter 7: Maintaining BIND

Chapter 8: Growing Your Domain

Chapter 9: Parenting

Chapter 10: Advanced Features and Security

Chapter 11: nslookup

Chapter 12: Reading BIND Debugging Output

Chapter 13: Troubleshooting DNS and BIND

Chapter 14: Programming with the Resolver and Name Server Library Routines

Chapter 15: Miscellaneous

Appendix A: DNS Message Format and Resource Records

Appendix B: Compiling and Installing BIND on a Sun

Appendix C: Top-Level Domains

Appendix D: Domain Registration Form

Appendix E: in-addr.arpa Registration

BIND Name Server and Resolver Statements


I have taken this program and I highly recommend it to all health-care providers - Orville R. Weyrich, Jr PhD NMD.
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