Abstract: A how-to manual for grass-roots activists defending the right to keep and bear arms, or any other part of the Bill of Rights.
Keywords: book review, constitution, politics, right to keep and bear arms, RKBA, firearm, gun ownership, grassroots, political activism.
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Title: Things You Can Do to Defend Your Gun Rights
Author: Alan M. Gottlieb, David B. Kopel
Publisher: Merril Press
Date Published: October 1994
ISBN: 0936783109
Pages: 177
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Part I: Educating Yourself -- And Others

Chapter 1: Feed Your Head: Books

Chapter 2: Spread the Word -- Libraries and Other Public Reading Areas

Chapter 3: Letters to the Editor

Chapter 4: Talk Radio

Chapter 5: Read Gun Week

Chapter 6: The Big Lie, or Don't Believe Everything You Read

Chapter 7: Computer Bulletin Boards

Chapter 8: Telephone Hotlines

Chapter 9: Attend a Leadership Training Seminar

Chapter 10: Speeches and Debates

Chapter 11: Look Good on TV

Chapter 12: Confronting the Media

Part II: Influencing Government

Chapter 13: Register Voters, Not Guns

Chapter 14: A Guide to the Legislative Process

Chapter 15: Letters to Elected Officials

Chapter 16: Letter and Telephone Master Lists

Chapter 17: Computer Letters

Chapter 18: Petitions

Chapter 19: The Magic Words

Chapter 20: Telephone

Chapter 21: Visiting Your Legislature and their Staff

Chapter 22: Study Your Legislator, Her Friends, and Staff

Chapter 23: Help a Pro-Rights Candidate

Chapter 24: Testifying before Legislative Committees

Part III: Strength In Numbers

Chapter 25: Join the National Rifle Association

Chapter 26: Support the Second Amendment Foundation

Chapter 27: Support the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Chapter 28: Think Globally, Act Locally

Chapter 29: Other National Groups

Chapter 30: Start Your Own Group

Chapter 31: How to Write a News Release

Chapter 32: Public Service Announcements

Chapter 33: Support Other Pro-Rights Organizations

Chapter 34: Parting Shots


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