Abstract: U.S. military involvements from the Civil War Between the States to the present have lead to a strengthening of centralized Federal authority and programs. The author argues that it is time for the United States to return to the philosophical vision of the 'Old Right': limited government and a retreat from the 'New World Order'.
Keywords: book review, politics, sociology, history, economics, international, old right, new deal, war, government expansion, socialist state, federalism, isolationism, society.
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Title: Costs of War: America's Pyrrhic Victories
Editor: John Denson
Publisher: Transaction
Date Published: April 1997
ISBN: 1560003197
LOCN: HM36.5.C66 1997
Dewey: 303.6/6 21
Pages: 449
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Preface to the Second Edition


Chapter 1 : War and American Freedom

Chapter 2 : Classical Republicanism and the Right to Bear Arms

Chapter 3 : Defenders of the Republic: The Anti-Interventionist Tradition in American Politics

Chapter 4 : America's Two Just Wars: 1775 and 1861

Chapter 5 : Rethinking Lincoln

Chapter 6 : Did the South Have to Fight?

Chapter 7 : War, Reconstruction, and the End of the Old Republic

Chapter 8 : The Spanish-American War as Trial Run, or Empire as Its Own Justification

Chapter 9 : World War I: The Turning Point

Chapter 10 : World War I as Fulfillment: Power and the Intellectuals

Chapter 11 : A Common Design: Propaganda and World War

Chapter 12 : Rethinking Churchill

Chapter 13 : The Old Breed and the Costs of War

Chapter 14 : War and Leviathan in Twentieth-Century America: Conscription as the Keystone

Chapter 15 : The Military as an Engine of Social Change

Chapter 16 : His Country's Own Heart's-Blood: American Writers Confront War

Chapter 17 : The Culture of War

Chapter 18 : Is Modern Democracy Warlike?

Chapter 19 : War and the Money Machine: Concealing the Costs of War Beneath the Veil of Inflation

Chapter 20 : Time Preference, Government, and the Process of De-Civilization: From Monarchy to Democracy

Appendix A1 : General Robert E. Lee's Reply to Lord Acton

Appendix A2 : Mark Twain's War Prayer

Appendix A3 : Representative Claude Kitchin's Speech Opposing President Wilson's Request for a Declaration of War

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Title:         The Costs of war : America's pyrrhic victories /
                  edited with an introduction by John V. Denson.
Published:     New Brunswick, N.J. : Transaction Publishers,
Description:   xviii, 449 p. ; 24 cm.
LC Call No.:   HM36.5.C66 1997
Dewey No.:     303.6/6 21
ISBN:          1560003197 (cloth : alk. paper)
Notes:         Includes bibliographical references (p.429-431)
                  and index.
Subjects:      War and society.
               War, Cost of.
Other authors: Denson, John V., 1936-
Control No.:   96051721 


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