Abstract: Examines higher education in China from 1861 to the present, including the student pro-democracy movement of 1989.
Keywords: book review, international, current_events, sociology, Communist Red Mainland China, Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Title: The Saga of Chinese Higher Education from the Tongzhi Restoration to Tiananmen Square: Revolution and Reform
Author: Richard A. Hartnett
Publisher: Edwin Mellen Pr.
Date Published: November 1998
ISBN: 0773482873
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Tables and Figures



Chapter 1 : The Origins and Development of Modern Chinese Higher Education, 1861-1911

Traditional Chinese Higher Education, Confucian Foundations

Opening to the West

Chapter 2 : The Birth of the New Republic and the May Fourth Movement, 1912-1927

Higher Education in the New Republic

The May Fourth Movement

Patterns of Modernization in Higher Education at the Close of the May Fourth Era

Chapter 3 : Chinese Universities under the Nationalists: The Nanjing Decade, 1927-1937

The Condition of Chinese Higher Education During the Nanjing Decade

The Role of the Nationalists in Higher Education

The Student Movement in the Nanjing Decade

Recurrent Issues in Chinese Higher Education During the Nanjing Decade

Chapter 4 : The Chinese University During Exodus and Civil War

Chinese Higher Education during the Sino-Japanese War

Campus Politicization: Struggle for the Control of Higher Education

Higher Education during the Chinese Civil War

The Search for New Paths and the Saga of Chinese Higher Education during the First Half of the Twentieth Century

Chapter 5 : Chinese Higher Education in the New Order

The Pragmatic Imperative and Rejection of the Republican Heritage

The Socialist Egalitarian Ideal and the Prelude to the Great Leap Forward

Chapter 6 : The Cultural Revolution

Prelude to the Cultural Revolution

The Eruption of the Cultural Revolution

Chinese Higher Education in the Wake of the Cultural Revolution: 1970-1976

Chinese Higher Education after Ten Lost Years

Chapter 7 : The Open Door Period

Deng's Journey to the West and the Reform of Higher Education

The Road to Tiananmen

The Storm Erupts: The Protest Movement of 1989

Epilogue: The Predicament of Modernization and the Path Ahead


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