Abstract: A collection of translations of primary source documents from Communist China and other sources.
Keywords: book review, international, current_events, China, Tiananmen Square Massacre.
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Title: China since Tiananmen; Political, Economic, and Social Conflicts
Editor: Lawrence R. Sullivan
Publisher: Sharpe, M.e.
Date Published: May 1995
ISBN: 1563245396
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Map of China

1 : Thoughts after Reading A Day in Martial Law

2 : Fearful of the Eastward Movement of the European Wind, the CCP Steps Up Its Rule of Force

3 : "Peace Charter" as Drafted by Qin Yongmin

4 : Right to Development: A Basic Human Right

5 : Report by Comrade Jiang Zemin, General Secretary of the CCP Central Committee, on Behalf of the CCP Central Committee and State Council

6 : Beijing Political Situation: Qiao Shi Criticizes Nonorganizational Activities within the CCP

7 : Learn from Mao Zedong, Be a Staunch Revolutionary - Text of Deng Liqun Address at a December 7, 1991 Forum...

8 : To Emancipate the Mind, It Is Necessary to Eliminate "Leftism"

9 : The CCP and China's Modernization: Interview with He Xin

10 : There Is No Harm in Taking Over

11 : Democracy, Factions within the Party

12 : Consciously Maintain the Party's Authority

13 : Take Insistence on Reform and Opening Up as Main Criterion for Political Integrity

14 : Leadership Should Be Put Firmly in Hands of Loyal Marxists

15 : Deng Xiaoping Orders "Fusion" of Party, Government

16 : 1941 Deng Speech on One-Party Rule Suppressed

17 : Commenting on the Fallacy of "Depoliticizing the Army"

18 : Army Sets Up Committee to Prevent Coup Attempts

19 : Beijing Military Region to Improve Party Committee

20 : Step Up Building of Armed Police Forces, Be Loyal Sentinels of the Party

21 : On Party Building in Colleges

22 : Improve Large, Medium State-Owned Enterprises: Investigation of How Capital Iron and Steel Corporation Conscientiously Strengthens Party Leadership in Course of Reform

23 : Strengthening Village-Level Organizations with the Party Branch as the Core

24 : Rich Farmers Run for Political Leadership

25 : CCP Stresses Western Political System Does Not Conform to National Condition

26 : Internal Report: China Risks Breakup Like Yugoslavia

27 : Resolutely Wage Struggle against Corruption: Speech by State Premier Li Peng

28 : Take Vigorous Measures to Restrain Several Unhealthy Tendencies

29 : Political Jokes Mock Chinese Leadership

30 : State Draft Law Aims to Compensate Victims

31 : Peasants Win Lawsuit against Town Government

32 : Deng Liqun Comments on Youth, Mao "Craze"

33 : "Mao Zedong Fever" in China Continues to Heat Up

34 : Please Attend to the Opposing Opinions on the Three Gorges Project: A Letter to the Leadership of the CCP

35 : Li Peng Sends Letter to Three Gorges Experts' Meeting

36 : On the Resurgence of Communism: The Goddess Restores the Crack in the Sky

37 : How Zhongnanhai Views Battle in Russian Capital

38 : Official Protest to U.S. Envoy

39 : Pakistan Admits Receiving Missiles from China

40 : UK's Cradock: PRC Prepared to "Wreck" Hong Kong Economy

41 : PRC Office Reacts to Legco's Adoption of Electoral Bill

42 : Commentary Urges End to [Taiwan's] "Three No's Policy"

43 : Lien Chan Defends [Taiwan] Government's "Three No's" Policy

44 : Economic Levers Cannot Replace Planned Economy

45 : Several Questions on Methods and Theory Regarding Studies in Economic Operations in China

46 : Main Points of Deng Xiaoping's Talks in Wuchang, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and Shanghai from January 18 to February 21, 1992

47 : China Cannot Implement the Quasi-Market Economy

48 : Qiao Shi on Legal System for a Market Economy

49 : Properly Serve as Banks' Bank - Thoughts on Monetary Problems

50 : On Bringing Enterprises into Direct Contact with Market

51 : Electric Power: Another "Bottleneck" in China's Economy

52 : Coal Sector Shedding 140,000 Workers in 1993

53 : China May Adopt New Five-Day Work Week

54 : Industry Should Learn from Capital Iron and Steel, Rural Areas Should Learn from Huaxi

55 : Development in Two Tianjin Villages Viewed: Xiaojinzhuang and Daqiuzhuang

56 : Liaoning Province Orders Halt to Tearing Up Contracts

57 : Farmers Holding IOUs, While Pesticide Prices Stay on Rise

58 : A Weak Foundation Should Not Be Overlooked

59 : Labor Tide Calls for Great Efforts to Develop Rural Employment Channel

60 : Several Key Issues Involving Housing Reform

61 : Gap between Eastern, Other Regions "Widening"

62 : Thoughts on Measures for Rejoining GATT

63 : Coastal Areas Close Several Development Zones

64 : Currency System Adjustments Need to Be Accelerated

65 : One Should Not Be Optimistic about the Prospects of China's Labor Export

66 : Peasants' Daily (Nongmin ribao) Article Attacks Religion

67 : Wang Zhen Decries Loss of Party Influence

68 : Analysis of "Abrupt Incidents" in Rural Areas

69 : Hunan Province Mining Towns' "Bloody Clash" Investigated


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