Abstract: An unflattering but revealing biography of Bill Clinton, which includes his Communist associations, the strange pattern of deaths around him, and the pattern of obstruction of justice.
Keywords: book review, current_events, conspiracy, Bill Clinton, extortion, blackmail, threats, coercion, intimidation, communism, communist, obstruction of justice.
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Title: Boy Clinton
Author: R. Emmett Tyrrell.Jr
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Date Published: November 1997
ISBN: 0895264056
Pages: 362
Footnotes: 348
Figures: 38 pages
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Introduction to the Paperback Edition


Chapter 1: The Glorification Rites and the Uncommon Troubles Preceding Them

Chapter 2: From Student Politician to Coat and Tie Radical

Chapter 3: Oxford and Prague: A Coat and Tie Radical Abroad in the 1960s

Chapter 4: The Making of the Clinton Cabal

Chapter 5: A Son of Old Arkansas

Chapter 6: In the Shadow of Little Rock: The Clintons' White House

Chapter 7: A Snopes Breathes the Kultursmog

Chapter 8: The Chronic Campaigners

Chapter 9: Hillary and Her Marriage of Convenience

Chapter 10: 1993

Chapter 11: Boy Clinton and the Liberal Crack-Up

Barnes and Noble say:

"Boy Clinton reveals both Bill and Hillary to be of a peculiar type that came out of the 1960s, went into eclipse in the 1980s, and came roaring back in the 1990's, taking over the White House and bringing into it a unique set of traits and scandals -- Whitewater, the travel office debacle, the cattle futures fiasco, and the mysteries surrounding Mena Airport."


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