Abstract: Drawing on interviews with survivors of Koresh's movement (which dates back to 1935, long before Koresh was born), on published accounts, on trial transcripts, on esoteric religious tracts and audiotapes that tell us who Koresh was and why people followed him, and most of all on secret documents that the government has not released to the public yet, Reavis has uncovered the real story from beginning to end, including the trial that followed. He concludes that the government had little reason to investigate Koresh and even less to raid the compound at Mount Carmel. The government lied to the public about most of what happened - about who fired the first shots, about drug allegations, about child abuse. The FBI was duplicitous and negligent in gassing Mount Carmel - and that alone could have started the fire that killed seventy-six people.
Keywords: book review, conspiracy, waco, branch davidian massacre.
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Title: The Ashes of Waco: An Investigation
Author: Dick J. Reavis
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
Date Published: April 1998
ISBN: 0815605021
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Chapter 1: Mr. Retardo

Chapter 2: Showtime

Chapter 3: Enter the Press

Chapter 4: The Bible House

Chapter 5: The Third Angel's Message

Chapter 6: The Bulgarian and the Goddess

Chapter 7: The Flatfoot

Chapter 8: Poor George

Chapter 9: The Semi-Literate Messiah

Chapter 10: Merlin the Messiah

Chapter 11: God's Flying Machines

Chapter 12: The Seven Seals

Chapter 13: Winning in the Bedroom

Chapter 14: The Government's Flying Machines

Chapter 15: Dogs and Doors

Chapter 16: Myths at the Door

Chapter 17: Up on the Roof and Down in the Gym

Chapter 18: The Front Line

Chapter 19: The Second Floor

Chapter 20: 911

Chapter 21: The Element of Surprise

Chapter 22: The Second Shooting

Chapter 23: Talks

Chapter 24: The Suicide Pact

Chapter 25: Milk and Other Hassles

Chapter 26: Allies

Chapter 27: The Psywar

Chapter 28: D-Day

Chapter 29: Justice

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