Abstract: A sociological study of the criminals who utilize guns.
Keywords: book review, sociology, RKBA, guns, firearms, criminal use.
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Title: Armed and Considered Dangerous : A Survey of Felons and Their Firearms, Expanded Edition
Author: James D. Wright, Peter H. Rossi
Publisher: Aldine de Gruyter
Date Published: August 1994
ISBN: 0202305422
LOCN: HV7436.W75 1994
Dewey: 363.4'5'0973 -- dc20
Pages: 247
Bibliography: 67
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Preface to the Expanded Edition


Chapter 1: The Criminal Acquisition and Use of Firearms

Chapter 2: The Felon Survey Methods, Procedures, Descriptive Data

Chapter 3: Varieties of Armed Criminals: A Descriptive Typology

Chapter 4: Patterns of Weapons Ownership and Use: On the Circumstances of Criminal Violence

Chapter 5: Family, Friends, and Firearms: The Effects of Socialization on Felons' Weapons Behavior

Chapter 6: Motivations to go Armed

Chapter 7: Confronting the Armed Victim

Chapter 8: The Criminal as a Firearms Consumer

Chapter 9: Patterns of Acquisition: Where and How Felons Obtain Guns

Chapter 10: Patterns of Acquisition: Gun Theft

Chapter 11: Handgun Controls and Weapons Choice: The Substitution Issue

Chapter 12: The Great American Gun War: Some Policy Implications of the Felon Study


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