Abstract: The book every gun owner in Arizona should read. Contains every Arizona gun law, word for word and translated into plain English. Includes information on Arizona's concealed carry laws.
Keywords: book review, law, survival, gun laws, right to keep and bear arms, RKBA, second amendment, CCW, concealed carry permit, self defense.
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Title: Arizona Gun Owner's Guide
Author: Alan Korwin
Publisher: Bloomfield
Date Published: March 1998
ISBN: 1889632023
Pages: 217
Figures: 12
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Foreword -- Don't Miss This!

Lots of legal disclaimers.

Pending Legislation

Contrasts the widely publicized "feel-good" anti-gun legislation with the more effective anti-crime legislation.

Chapter 1: The Right to Bear Arms

Chapter 2: Carrying Firearms

Chapter 3: Types of Weapons

Chapter 4: Where Can You Shoot?

Chapter 5: Deadly Force and Related Laws

Chapter 6: Hunting Requirements

Chapter 7: Notes on Federal Law

See also Gun Laws of America

Chapter 8: Gun Safety and Concealed-Weapon Training

Appendix A: Glossary of Terms

Appendix B: Crime and Punishment Chart

Appendix C: The Proper Authorities

Appendix D: The Arizona Gun Laws

About the Author


Author:        Korwin, Alan.
Title:         The Arizona gun owner's guide : who can bear
                  arms? where are guns forbidden? when can you shoot to kill? /
                  by Alan Korwin ; illustrations by Gregg Myers and Ralph
Published:     Phoenix, AZ : Bloomfield Press, c1998.
Description:   217 p. ; 22 cm.
ISBN:          1889632023
Control No.:   98223767 


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