Abstract: Traces the development of the American right to keep and bear arms as embodied in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution from the body of English Common Law having its origin in the seventeenth century.
Keywords: book review, constitution, history, RKBA.
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Title: To Keep and Bear Arms; The Origins of an Anglo-American Right
Author: Joyce Lee Malcolm
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Date Published: April 1996
ISBN: 0674893077
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Chapter 1: A People Armed

Chapter 2: Bearing Arms through War and Revolution

Chapter 3: The Dissidents Disarmed

Chapter 4: The Gentleman's Game

Chapter 5: Enforcement of Arms Restrictions

Chapter 6: James II and Control of Firearms

Chapter 7: Arms for Their Defense: The Making of a 'True, Ancient, and Indubitable Right'

Chapter 8: The Second Amendment and the English Legacy



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